How I trained to become a veterinary nurse during lockdown

After experiencing glimpses of what being a veterinary nurse was all about when I worked as a veterinary receptionist, I applied and was accepted as a student veterinary nurse with the Central College of Animal Studies (CCOAS).

I was only six months into the Diploma of Small Animal Veterinary Nursing when the coronavirus pandemic hit and the Government advised us all to stay at home. In-person learning was halted and … Read more

Discovering my passion

David Bearder on life as a student veterinary nurse

Registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) are the backbone of any successful veterinary practice, providing emergency and routine healthcare to animals. From preparing patients for surgical procedures to educating owners on maintaining the health of their pets, the day-to-day responsibilities of a veterinary nurse are vast and varying.

We spoke to David Bearder, a student veterinary nurse studying with the Central College of … Read more

Meet the team! Stacey Westcott

Why I became a Veterinary Nurse?- I first became inspired to become a veterinary nurse when I was 11, my Aunt was a veterinary nurse at the time and she would bring home stray animals and particularly wildlife that needed care. She let me help with caring for them, I helped with hand rearing wild rabbits, squirrels, a badger, piglets and lambs from the farm. I wanted to make a … Read more

New students starting in Autumn 2019!

Central College of Animal Studies welcomed more veterinary nursing students in September 2019. The College is now busy recruiting for groups to start at each of their three centres in Suffolk, Kent and Devon for September 2020. Specialising in veterinary nursing training, the College offers small class sizes and high levels of student support.

One of the additional benefits of training with CCOAS is the ability to earn while you … Read more

Upcoming CPD opportunities

As part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Medicine, Central College of Animal Studies will regularly be delivering a range of CPD days designed for new graduate vet interns. Which began in November 2018. The CPD days, form an added value element of the Postgraduate Diploma, as well as an opportunity for graduates to work on their Clinical Skills Log (CSL) during the events.

Focusing on small and large animal … Read more

Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Medicine

Launched in August 2018 and awarded by Central Qualifications (CQ), the College’s Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Medicine (PgDipVetMed) is designed to facilitate graduates’ transition from veterinary student to qualified veterinary surgeon working in clinical practice.

Graduates enrolled on the Diploma will work in specifically selected approved veterinary practices, under supervision, in order to develop their clinical skills in a supportive working environment. Whilst graduates will usually commence working within a … Read more

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