Choosing the right course can be both exciting and highly challenging...

At Central College of Animal Studies, we offer programmes that fully prepare students for employment and we are passionate about helping our students to succeed.

We provide rich training programmes that are designed to build the knowledge, skills and professionalism required to succeed in the veterinary profession.

Practicing professionals are at the core of our teaching team and are well placed to offer a diverse learning experience, which ranges from theoretical study, to applied, hands-on practice. Our close links with veterinary practices and the profession also allow us to provide fantastic career prospects and progression opportunities for our students.

Our facilities offer a modern learning experience and programmes are delivered in popular locations, ensuring they are accessible to students who wish to live at home or minimise their general expenditure.

Furthermore, we offer care and support to all of our students, with pastoral supervision and a strong team of tutors.

We are committed to providing a rewarding, practical and academic experience in all areas of veterinary practice. We nurture resilience, dedication, passion and a range of other personal attributes that help to make sure our graduates are sought-after by veterinary practices across the UK.

As well as preparing our students for entry into the working environment, we aim to develop lifelong and transferable skills, so our graduates succeed in whatever career path they eventually follow.