Our centres are located in suffolk, devon and kent. Students have the opportunity to explore and experience their programmes in a practical and proactive manner, building their personal and professional development (PPD) and receiving an insight into what their futures hold.


When studying with Central College, students will have the opportunity to work within reputable, professional and caring teams. Our centres are close to a range of major transport links, as well as popular towns and landmarks, making them easy and enjoyable places to study.

Students also have the opportunity to complete practical elements of the programme at veterinary practices that have been assessed and approved by the college. This gives students greater flexibility, particularly if they live further afield or have connections or affiliations with a specific practice, prior to embarking on a Central College programme.

Our tutors

Central College of Animal Studies’ staff are passionate about veterinary nurse training. They have a wide and varied experience of the veterinary profession, and students can expect to be inspired by their innovative course delivery and engaging teaching style.

"We offer a variety of pioneering facilities and resources"


Our main centres are equipped so that students have the opportunity to develop practical skills alongside their theoretical knowledge. Our satellite centres in East Malling and Exeter work closely with local veterinary practices to provide the equivalent experiences.

Students are exposed to real-life veterinary situations, whereby they can observe genuine procedures and learn about life in practice, first hand.

Our larger centre in Suffolk offers top of-the-range diagnostic and treatment facilities, delivering the ultimate learning experience. Students are exposed to state-of-the-art operating theatres, radiography and ultrasound suites and CT scanning, as well as advanced imaging technology and management systems. Students have access to other facilities, including consulting rooms, grooming parlours, agility and behavioural equipment, endoscopy apparatus and inhouse laboratories and pharmacies.

An important aspect of veterinary medicine includes the prevention and treatment of injuries and conditions affecting movement. At our Ipswich centre in Suffolk, students have access to both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy suites, where they can get an insight into the use of buoyancy aids, an aquatic treadmill and hydrotherapy pool. Both physio and hydrotherapy enhance general health and fitness, aid convalescence and weight loss and improve recovery rates.

As well as modern facilities, students may also participate in a variety of small animal services, including specialist nurse clinics. These clinics offer advice on weight, behavioural issues, parasite prevention, dental checks, and new pet and senior pet health checks. The clinics provide ideal training practice for students, delivering a fun, hands-on learning experience.